JW001 Mini Jaw Set (6pc)

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6 pieces come in a set for $24.00.
You can buy 6 of the same color or you can custom make your own set of 6. All you need to do is check that we have the color in stock and the amount you want in stock and then when you check out, write the model number, "Custom" and the colors and quantities you would like.
Easy and simple for a cute combo.

Color may be slightly different based on type of monitor
Item is fragile. If you try to adjust the shape by hand or drop it onto hard-floor, it may be damaged
Manufactured: Korea
Stone: Swarovski Crystal
Body: Metal

Jaw Depth
0.19 in (0.5 cm)

Jaw Width
0.27 in (0.7 cm)

*If you select the "CUSTOM" option but do not indicate which colors desired in the order comment section, you will be shipped one of our pre-made Mix-n-Match sets. The comments will be towards the end of the ordering process. If you have any questions/concerns about this, please contact us immediately.